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New Year New Home- Why you should consider building

Buying any type of home can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.  It is never advertised if a home will need a new water heater in six months, or if the roof is going to leak. Buyers often don’t know past problems with appliances or the last time things were replaced. Often times, already built homes come with the headache of repairs, replacements and reconciliation. Why settle for something that’s less than perfect? Building a new home in the New Year can offer a plethora of benefits.
Build it Your Way!
Brand new homes offer that used houses cannot: a realized dream. Why settle for months of costly changes when the perfect design is possible? Selecting your land, favorite cabinets, countertops, flooring, and fixtures empowers families and ultimately, creates a forever home.
Building a hew home will reflect your style!  A new home will reflect your choices and style, not someone else’s.  Your floor plan the way you like it!  Maybe the bedrooms all together, or maybe the bedroom for the kids downstairs.  Do you like natural light and want to save on energy bills?  Need a pantry or a walk in closet? A new home offers a layout that meets your needs.
Fewer Maintenance Headaches
One of the biggest benefits of building is the lack of maintenance. New home are more energy efficient, require less upkeep and everything is new so fewer headaches.
How Much?
Several builders in the area can have your home done in 4 months!  Right now the average building price per square foot is $125.  That means a home that is 1500 sq. feet with standard cabinets, furnace, and windows costs just $187,500!  Then add the price of a lot.  Right now there are several lots in the Mancos  area that are $75,000 for 3 acres and that includes great views, natural gas and close to town.
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