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Is Fall/Winter a good time to sell?

Have you been outside doing Fall clean up?  The weather has been wonderful – 60’s and bright blue sky.  Have your needs changed?  Do you need a smaller house, or a larger house?  Maybe you have always wanted to build your dream home.  Now is a great time to sell!

  1.  You have fewer competitors.  Many homes that were on the market have either sold, or have taken it off and wait till next Spring.  You might think Spring is a good time, however since there is such a bombardment on the market, its hard for your home to stand out.
  2.  Serious buyers.  Many buyers right now are preapproved and or have cash in hand.
  3.  Fewer homes on the market means you have the upper hand.  When buyers are looking and there are few homes on the market, there just isn’t much of a choice for them.  Generally you will get closer to your asking price.
  4.  Interest rates are low.  The 30 year fixed conventional rate is hovering around 3.75 %.
  5.  Curb Appeal.  Fall and Winter make it a great time to decorate.  Just don’t go hog wild with the Christmas lights.
  6. Price it right.  Have a market analysis done on your home.  Get to know your competitors.  What makes your home a better deal? Call me for your free market analysis.