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How to tell if a homeowner is desperate to sell

Searching for a new home in Mancos, Cortez or Dolores Colorado?  There are some signs to help you determine if the homeowner is desperate to sell.

Information is valuable.  Do your homework.  How long has the house been on the market?  Why are they selling? Have there been several price drops?  Google the homeowner and the address.  Is the home vacant?  A rental? Are they listing the home “as is”?  Does the listing say “motivated seller” or “sellers concessions”?

Some of these questions can be answered by your Realtor.  Ask the neighbors,and ask at the coffee shop.  On your first visit to the home look for signs- is mailbox stuffed and yard untidy?  If the owners are at your showing ask lots of questions.  Ask them “Have you had any offers”?

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