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Do I need to get the septic tank pumped?

How often do I need to get my septic tank pumped? If properly installed, do I ever?  These are the questions I get when I’m helping homeowners, and buyers in Mancos, Cortez and Dolores, Colorado.   Just last weekend I ran into Bill Edgerton with LePew Septic Cleaning Service in Cortez.  I asked him and he said many people are misinformed.  He does free evaluations on your tank, to see if it needs pumping.  It’s better safe than sorry, cause no one likes a backed up septic into your home!  His number is 970-565-2448.

Here’s a good website for more info.  http://www.aahealth.org/programs/env-hlth/well-septic-systems/guidelines-maintaining.

When buying a home, in the contract, request that the buyer pumps the septic tank.  You want them to take all their stuff!  For more tips on buying a home in Mancos, Dolores, and Cortez, please give me a call 970-759-2540,