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How to choose a real estate agent?

What kind of real estate company and agent you want working for you is a very important question.  At first you might say “I need a large company working for me.”  Let’s look~

1.  Size–  You might feel the excitement and buss of a large office, however lets look a little closer.  Will there be confusion on who to speak with throughout the real estate process?  Can your realtor be reached?  Do they return calls in a timely manner? How’s there reputation with other Realtors and clients? All Realtors can list your home on the MLS, and to hundreds of internet sites but what does the prospective office do differently than the others?

2.  Location–  Consider how long it will be to drive to the prospective office. Of course technology gives real estate agents and clients mobility to keep up on emails, and answer calls.  However, a real estate office being in another town does not make it easy for you.  How easy is it for clients to find the real estate office?  What are the first impressions you get when you walk in?

3.  Training–  Does your potential realtor has specialized training?  Sure all Realtors are licensed by the state but what makes them stand out?  Have they gotten any awards?

4.  Experience–  How many sales has the potential realtor had in your area?  Are they familiar with the domestic water systems in your area?  How about the irrigation?  In Montezuma County in Southwest Colorado do they know about “red signed roads?” If they don’t sell much in your area, the answer is no.  Get a list of current clients and past clients to call and get reviews.  Google them.  Do they have a personal website that is user friendly?

5.  Administrative Support– Meet their assistant.  Are they friendly? Google them.

6.  Commissions–  Does the real estate office, offer the same commission structure to everyone?  There are firms that will take a listing for a lower commission, however what kind of service will you get?  Will other Realtors want to show your home if they are only getting paid 2 or 2.5% commission?  Will a Realtor just list your house at any price to get the listing or will they do a market analysis to determine the fair price?

7.  Marketing–  For sellers, ask to see a marketing plan from a prospective realtor?  If buying a home, will they look at everything on the market ie. Craigslist, MLS, and for sale by owners?

8.  Community Involvement- Is your potential Realtor involved in the community?  You want a Realtor who is known in the community and has a wide range of interests.  For buyers, the Realtor will know what’s going on and who is about to list their home.  For sellers, Realtors who are known in the community will have more clients, and that will equal to more showings.

By doing your homework, you can have a successful and stress free real estate transaction.  If you would like more information on buying or selling a home in Mancos, Dolores, or Cortez Colorado, please give me a call 970-759-2540.  MancosHomes.com.  I’m here to help!