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Selling your home – Is it underpriced?

Selling your home is a major decision. Several questions need to be asked.

Is the time right for you and your family?
How long is it going to take?
Where am I going?
What things need to be done before I list?
Who should be my realtor?
What price?
It’s important to take the time to set yourself up for success.  The first step is to interview realtors.  Have each of them give you a market analysis of your home, references and a list of homes they have sold in your area. Get to know your competition.  Go see other similar homes for sale.  What makes your home unique? Location? Size? Amenities? Do your homework.  You want a realtor who can become your trusted advisor.
When you are trying to decide what price to list your home, be leery of realtors who want to price it too low or too high.  You should only be pricing your home about $10,000 above what you want to walk away with.  Look at their market analysis.  Are the comparison homes they used viable?
Be leery of any realtor who will take a cut in commission just to get your listing.  You pay for what you get. Besure and ask for their marketing plan.  Any realtor can put your listing on the internet, however you want a realtor who can be reached, is a good fit for your personality, and a great negotiator when the time comes.
Selling your home can be a smooth process.  I’d love to help!